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Junior Kuppanna

Junior Kuppanna

7 Ratings

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Junior Kuppanna, was started by Mr.Kuppanna and his wife Mrs.Rukhmani Ammal in Erode in 1960. Since the beginning, our founder Mr.Kuppanna always emphasized on authentic taste and fresh quality. Junior Kuppanna opened it’s first outlet in Erode, which falls in the Kongu Nadu belt. Kongu Nadu cuisine is predominantly south Indian with rice as its base and a collection ofexotic recipes. We add a mixture of handmade spices that are still prepared by Mrs.Rukmani Ammal personally even till date. Some of our signature dishes like Chicken Pallipalayam, Mutton Pallipalayam, Nalli Gravy, Chicken / Mutton Biriyani (Seeraga Samba rice) are also our customer favourites. All our parottas are served with a selection of authentic Kongu Nadu style gravys like: Garlic gravy, Butter gravy, Chicken gravy, Mutton gravy.

Reviews Of Junior Kuppanna
Jan 31, 2018
1. Portions very tiny. 2. Price very high. 3. Not worth eating the food as quality is average only.

Feb 25, 2018
Great service. Value for money. Not very oily. Biriyani is unique and tastes well. A bit spicy but I liked it. Soups and drinks require some improvement. Other than that Great job. Keep going.

Mar 12, 2018
Food very good , Biriyani superb but priced high , quality value for money . Unique taste where nobody in Singapore has the taste . I will continue to buy from them . Need to serve hot drinks also like Masala Tea etc. Now oly cold drinks , Sweets not availabe in the list . Great experience

Mar 25, 2018
Food was good and the quantity was equally sufficient but I thought price is slightly on the higher side.

Apr 22, 2018
Taste is very good but price is also very high.

Apr 28, 2018
5 Stars for customisation of food and restaurant calling to confirm our request. 5 Stars for Customer Care service for informing us of revised delivery time. 5 Stars for freshness,texture, taste&excellent flavour-idli, Ghee kal dosai (so, so soft!), plain roast dosai, veg sandwich, buttermilk (very creamy&refreshing) and carrot halwa (fresh). Low oil content. 5 Stars for secure packaging. 5 Stars for the accompaniments-sambar, and the two chutneys. The gravy for the idli is best suited for briyani.. 2 Stars for portions not commensurate with pricing, except for buttermilk@$2.60. For the size of idli, 3pcs for $5.20 instead of 2pcs; 2 ghee kal dosai for $6.40 instead of the tiny 1 pc; 2 plain roast dosai for $6.40 instead of 1pc; 3 triangles of sandwiches for $5.20, instead of 2 triangles and a slightly bigger container of carrot halwa@$4.50 instead of the current tiny container. Hope Vendor will act upon reviewers comments about pricing and portions.. Thank You for the experience..

Apr 30, 2018
This is our 3rd time ordering-3 days in a row. 5 Stars for prompt delivery and secure packaging and hot-warm temperature of food. 5 Stars for flavour, taste and texture, generally. Special Meals@$10.30-instead of 2 boxes of rice,increase quantity of vegetables and include pickle. Veg Noodles@$12.80-prices not commensurate with quantity, and contents 90% noodles with scattering of vegetables. No stars.. Veg Kothu Parotta@$7.70-prices not commensurate with quantity, oil content on the high side.2 Stars.. Butter Kulcha-3 stars First time around service was excellent from both the Vendor and What to Eat. We have a severe intolerance to raw onions, and first time around the sandwich was made without raw onions, Vendor calling up to double confirm. Second time around, despite highlighting, sandwich was made with what looked like coleslaw and raw onions. In addition, no chutney for the kal dosa&plain dosa, despite having liaised with Customer Care. Third time around, no dessert for the special meals, and upon informing, was told that Vendor is busy and will include in our next order and for us to highlight this on the remarks column. Customers order take out for a reason, and Vendors as well as Customer Care should realise this instead of passing the buck around. Issuing a voucher for a future order might be one of the solutions..but it doesnt take care of the customers present moment needs, especially if the Vendor has erred. Being busy and missing out on orders is something Vendors should eliminate..instead of customers having to bear the brunt of it.By the time one speaks with Customer Care and then having to speak with the Vendor, zaps the energy out. Food quality, taste and texture is excellent, as mentioned in our reviews. However, pricing&portions, and alertness to customer's dietary requirements and delivering without omission is something that needs much improvement. Customer Care at What to Eat must ensure their staff is capable of liaising for right solutions, instead of just repeating 'we've already delivered, we cannot re-deliver'.. Thank You for the experience..

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