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HoHo Chimek

HoHo Chimek

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430 Upper Changi Road #01-45 Singapore 487048

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Reviews Of HoHo Chimek
Apr 25, 2016
First time trying this little Korean restaurant in the East of Singapore, was highly recommended by a close family friend. Had the delicious crispy wings & gotta love the garlic clams which magically pairs the Vinum Africa Chenin Blanc 2013. Beautiful experience.

Apr 26, 2016
Ordered mushroom pancake, yangneom and soy garlic chicken wings, still hot and crispy when it arrived! One of the best chicken wings i ever tasted. Yums!

Apr 27, 2016

May 4, 2016

May 10, 2016

Jun 21, 2016

Jul 1, 2016

Jul 17, 2016
Food is nice. However, price is steep.

Nov 22, 2016
Taste is not bad. However not for that price and amount. Ordered 6 meals in total, everyone was still hungry after the meal. If you were to put it in a typical rectangle takeaway tupperware, cant even fill half of that probably.

Nov 28, 2016
Ordered Ho Ho Chimek for the first time as well as had it delivered for the first time. Both I rate top notch service and quality. I am a huge Korean food fan in particular i LOVE all their spicy soups. So I ordered from Ho Ho chimek all their spicy soups - zucchini, Tofu, seafood, kimchi - as well as their bibambap and sweet potato noodles. I must say that portions are very generous, which is good cos the prices are quite high. However those dishes which say they have meat in them, have a generous amount of meat and so flavourful and tender (i had teh beef and pork). Also their soups are very very delicious. They are not watered down, and each of the soup tastes different so you know they take care in cooking the soups uniquely. Not ONE base for all soups. I was very very impress. I ate but wish i could have more. I am very surprised in a pleasant way, as i had such a wonderful home eating experience. Also they pack the soups very very well. Not a drop spilled, no wastage, all full to the brim, cling wrapped tight and covered securely. Also I must praise the What To Eat delivery people for driving carefully, hahah. I mean they could have driven reckless and the soups could have still run over. But they delivered all 6 items neatly, cleanly, no mess and they delivered ON TIME, in fact about 10 minutes earlier than my requested time. Overall I had a wonderful experience!!!! I will order Ho Ho Chimek again and again......and I will use WHAT TO EAT delivery again and again...... Thank you to both establishments for a job well done and service ....IMPECCABLE!

Jun 21, 2017

Jun 22, 2017
Order Hoho Chimek and the food was pretty delicious. I did not realise that this is actually located in the east, and my delivery location is in the west. The army stew arrived still warm and is very flavorful. The chicken wings are quite pricey and soggy (probably due to the distance) when it arrived. The kimchi pancake was quite small as well. Would recommend just the soups especially if your delivery distance is far.

Jul 17, 2017
Managed to get a decent spread for dinner, enough for 2 pax. Food was delivered earlier than expected and the quality of the soups were relishingly delicious!!! Impeccable food quality and service. Thank You!!

Aug 7, 2017
Food not as fantastic as some say here Nevertheless well wrapped and chicken in ginseng soup is fresh But no ginseng taste of soup

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