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Curry Magic

Curry Magic

12 Ratings

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Reviews Of Curry Magic
Nov 4, 2017
1. Prompt delivery, with food still hot. 2. Appam-good. A bit of the traditional frilly edges would be nice :-) 3. Veg Stew-good. portion, not sufficient. to accommodate more gravy and veg please consider a bigger container.. 4. Chicken Biriyani-average. the dried onions were overwhelming, especially coz it was the ready-made fried onions. not much flavour came thru the biriyani... Will order again from Curry Magic..and thank you!

Nov 5, 2017
Veg Thali Set $14, and Chicken Masala $16-Both good taste....but insufficient quantity! Either revise pricing, or, increase quantity. Our constant request to What To Eat team is to pay attention to the higher-end food delivery budget that must match food quantity. Thank You!

Nov 12, 2017
Delivery was prompt. Tasty food. Veg Thali Set $14-please increase portion size for the vegetables and also include a dessert.. Kerala Mutton Curry $20.90-again...please increase portion size... Thank you!

Nov 18, 2017
tasty food and prompt delivery. today's appam was more kal-dosa than appam! quantities for veg stew and chicken are way too little...please get bigger containers to match prices&volume.. thanks!

Nov 19, 2017
tasty food, prompt delivery. appam tasted and looked like kal-dosa-a very thick dosa. insufficient quantity for $9.90 veg stew and $16.90 chicken peratal. please revise quantity to match prices...we are happy to pay for good food, but if quantity is insufficient, then you have not appeased the hunger of your customer.. thank you!

Nov 23, 2017

Dec 8, 2017
Taste alright but prices are too expensive. $19 for a small meat dish and $10 for small portion of veg is ridiculous!!

Dec 14, 2017
took care of our hunger and thank you for that. quantity and pricing-do not match each other. if it's called appam, then it should look like appam..

Dec 23, 2017
tasty food, prompt delivery. there was a missing dish in the non-veg meal, and without a fuss, it was re-delivered.so points for customer service at what to eat and curry magic. prices not commensurate with quantity...

Dec 27, 2017
tasty food, prompt delivery. please include cutlery&dessert for set meals. please have a balance between price&quantity..

Feb 6, 2018
Very bad and not worth ordering again

Jun 22, 2018
Food is just average

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