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Crab Beehoon

Crab Beehoon

5 Ratings

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57 Eng Hoon Street #01-72 Singapore 160057

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Reviews Of Crab Beehoon
Nov 14, 2016

Mar 4, 2017
Delivery was late and lunch was halved as a result. The "big prawn beehoon" had 10 medium sized prawns (those you get from Hokkien mee) Swimming in a pool of brown sauce with some pieces of Chinese cabbage floating in it, and fried beehoon bearing the texture of a fishing line. Definitely over priced! I'm not ordering from this establishment again.

Mar 16, 2017
We ordered the Signature Crab Beehoon for $78.00, and after the Delivery Fee & GST, the bill came up to a grand total of $86.66. This was also the first time we tried ordering from this restaurant, and the first time using What To Eat. The order was received on 14th March at 653pm, and the food arrived at 823pm. Whilst the food upon arrival was still piping hot, that was about all that can said about the experience. The crab was obviously not fresh and the meat was soft, mushy and had a bad smell to it. It wouldn't be too much of an exaggeration to call it "rotten", but that what it smelled like. The meat wasn't succulent and most of the cavities of the crab's exoskeleton were empty and devoid of any meat! This was a crab that's been starved in an aquarium for weeks, subsisting on a diet of musty air, water vapour and hope, and praying for an early end at the cooking pot for unsuspecting diners like us. We have obviously ordered and eaten crab bee hoon in the past and this would have to rank as one of the worst renditions of it - not because of the taste, but because of the fact that the crab they chose to use for us was simply NOT FRESH. All said, this was an extremely disappointing and we can't help but feel a little cheated by the restaurant using less than fresh crab in our dish of choice. If we were at the restaurant, we would have had a stern word with the waiter or captain but alas, we are denied even that opportunity since we used the online ordering service. I immediately called What To Eat and reported our concerns, and followed that up with an email to a Ms. Sharon. As usual, I received an automated reply to say that my feedback has been received, and I could expect a - get this: "personal response" within an hour of their operating hours. To add insult to injury, it's been TWO DAYS since my feedback, and What To Eat has yet to send me a personalized response, or any response for that matter. They did send me another automated "please rate the restaurant" email, and so I'm obliging the request with the above write up. If there were an option for a ZERO STAR RATING, Crab Beehoon would have been awarded that honour. As it stands, I'm left with no choice but to insult the heavenly and gaseous bodies and leave Crab Beehoon the dubious honour of a single "star" - that it didn't even deserve.

Jun 3, 2017
Ordered the Creamy Butter Crab, for delivery at 6:30pm. They called and said delivery will be delayed to 7:30pm; at least they did call and inform earlier. What we are not happy was the size of the portion, in the menu it was stated as 1kg, we did not weigh it but it was most definitely not 1kg, probably in the range of 600-800g. Taste wise it was ok.

Dec 30, 2017
This is the first time we tried ordering from this provider. We ordered the large signature crab bee noon however the crab was small and didn't look like it's 1kg. The crab was not crashed hence it was difficult to eat. Soup was too salty. We also ordered crispy squid which was soggy but the time it arrived. Overall not a good experience.

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